Elite (Car Insurance)


Motor Insurance is required by law for all vehicles driven on public roads in Bahrain. Tasheelat Insurance works closely with many local and international insurance companies and brings to you a wide range of coverage options that are affordable and guaranteed to meet your demanding expectations. Having served more than 25,000 satisfied customers, Tasheelat Insurance can tailor your motor insurance according to your needs and specifications.

Free doorstep insurance policy delivery service:

Tasheelat Insurance offers you a unique service by insuring and renewing the insurance policy and delivering it for free. Once you receive it by hand, payment can be made either by cash, card, or check.

In addition to the standard comprehensive coverage, you may tailor your Comprehensive Policy to include:

  • 24-hour road assistance

  • Replacement car following an accident

  • Agent repair up to 5 years

  • 24-hour towing service in GCC countries

  • Loss or damage due to storm, tempest, or flood

  • Personal accident benefits to driver and passengers (death & permanent disablement).

Comprehensive Policy is the only motor policy that Tasheelat Insurance sells:

Comprehensive Motor Insurance is compulsory if you take out a loan to purchase your car as a form of security for the lender, who is a joint owner of your vehicle for the duration of the loan. It is the most comprehensive form of coverage available to protect your car should you be involved in an accident. It covers losses or damages to third party persons or properties in the event of an accident.

FAST TRACK Claims Service:

One of the most common complaints about insurance claims is the inordinate amount of time it takes to settle them, even when the accident is relatively minor.

Tasheelat Insurance has introduced for the first time Fast Track Claims Service through its insurance partners where all our Motor Claims are processed expediently by a dedicated team of individuals. This means any motor claim will be handled and processed immediately (subject to receipt of the required documentation).

In case of an unfortunate event, please call our dedicated team of insurance providers. They will give you all the support you need to process your claim straight away.

* All features are subject to terms & conditions.

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